Overview of the main producers of heaters.

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    How to choose a heater and heat curtain?

    Delonghi Heaters

    When autumn bad weather days the thermometer drops lower and lower, and in the room noticeably colder, then the first thing we start to wonder - how to effectively warm up. Of course, we can supply quality plastic windows that will not let drafts and warmly dressed, but, most likely, in the capricious offseason will not be enough. If you want to have on a cold day in your apartment was really warm and comfortable - buy a heater.

    The most common types of heaters are currently considered convector, infrared and oil radiators and heater. Not so long ago there were a number of promising newcomers - inverter air conditioning cold-heat and thermal curtains, which had already established itself with a very positive way. But we will tell you about them later.

    So, where you should start by choosing a heater?

    First and foremost, you need to decide what size room you will need to be heated. This is very important because it is the basis of the area, we will determine the correct power tool. So, if you want to quickly heat a small nursery or bedroom into a compact 5-9 squares you only have to power the unit in the 500-750 watts. To create a comfortable environment in the spacious living room or office office space from 10 square meters worth buying already 1-1.5 kW heater power. By integrated thermostat almost all heaters automatically maintain the desired temperature.

    Heaters Aeg

    With a capacity to define, and is now on the waiting list the following question - what type of heater to choose.

    Oil cooler.

    Among the most famous and the most popular, especially in the old days - oil radiators. They consist of several sections, and inside the metal housing with the oil they have is an electric spiral. It is one of those devices that do not burn oxygen and safest. Also, despite the large size, they are easy to move in the room - most of the models are equipped with wheels.

    Most low-end models of oil radiators - Delfa DOB-9, Liberton LOH 22-07, Scarlett SC-053 (2011). Among the most high-quality and popular - model company Delonghi. The only drawback of such heaters - to heat the room well, especially large, it will take some time. And if you are not completely satisfied, then perhaps you should pay attention to another type of heater, such as heater.

    Heaters Bork


    Heater, without a doubt, a very easy-to-use, affordable, and most compact device. Air in it is heated by the glow-helix, and then use the fan casing which is usually rotated, served in the room. Unlike several bulky oil radiator heater usually has a very small size.

    Therefore, it can be positioned on the floor and on the table, and even attached to the wall. Power in this heater is quite high - usually 2-2.5 kW. However, heat the heater is capable of, alas, only a small room - leaving the air temperature does not exceed 20 ° C. But very quickly. Of the economy can be called a successful model Scarlett SC-157, and the most popular - Delonghi HVK 1010.

    Of the drawbacks of this type of heater - some noise during operation, air pollution due to dust particles Palen and burning oxygen. If, however, you are determining the ecological characteristics, then you need not spend time on other types, and at once to look at the infra-red heaters. They are likely to satisfy most of your queries.

    Heaters Electrolux

    Infrared heater.

    These instruments are considered today among the most committed. Infrared heaters are ideal in environmental terms, they are quiet and very economical. Their peculiarity is that the devices allow not heat the room as a whole, and create zones of local heating.

    From all the traditional infrared heaters differ in that they do not heat the air, and the surrounding area. That is, this device emits energy similar to sunlight. Therefore, it can be used not only to heat the living room, but also a shower room, a terrace, a balcony, as well as people in the fully open areas. In the line of these heaters confident leaders model the firm UFO.

    The air curtain.

    For high-quality heat the air inside a residential or non-residential premises today also use the original flat fan, which is mounted in a door or window opening. This so-called air curtain. Its principle of operation is simple. The air curtain separates the air outside and inside the building with the help of a kind of "wall" pure heated air. This air barrier creates a powerful fan.

    That is, the air curtain - it is like an invisible door. However, it is important to remember that, unlike conventional heating devices, the air curtain can be heated, only a relatively small flow of air which enters via an air "wall".

    There is nothing complicated in the choice of heater - most importantly, that bought the unit efficiently and effectively dissipate heat. Because that's what its key purpose.



    Heater AOX Q1400
    AOX Q1400

    Heater AEG WKL 3003 SE
    AEG WKL 3003 SE

    Heater NeoClima NC-0211
    NeoClima NC-0211

    Heater Ballu BHP-9.000S (BHP-9C)
    Ballu BHP-9.000S (BHP-9C)

    Heater Electrolux EOH / M-3157
    Electrolux EOH / M-3157

    Heater Timberk TCR HDA 510
    Timberk TCR HDA 510

    Heater Airelec Basic 3000
    Airelec Basic 3000

    Heater Aeronik AC 09-6H-1
    Aeronik AC 09-6H-1

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